How to Make Your Home into a Summer Paradise

During the winter when days are long, nights are short, and everything is cold, many people set about converting their homes into winter wonderlands. Sure, Christmas helps, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could do something similar in the summer?

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After all, as great as the sunny weather is, sometimes you just want to stay home. And sometimes, when it’s really hot, well, it just isn’t worth moving at all! Taking the time to make some simple adjustments to your home, and to prepare it for the warm summer months, will pay off. Not only will it make your living space more pleasant to be in, you can also make it more comfortable physically.

Here are some simple, yet beautifully effective, summer modifications to make to your home.

Get Out the Green

Summer is all about warmth and heat and life! One of the most beautiful aspects of summer is the way that the plants around us go from almost imperceptible, to blooming in a diverse pallet of colors. Summer is the perfect time to invest in some houseplants. If you can combine indoor and outdoor plants, it is possible to merge the spaces.

For example, if your property has a room with sliding doors leading to the outside, try placing some ball planters just outside and inside the doors, with some healthy plants in each. This will mean that when the doors are open, your indoor space will feel more outdoorsy.

Open Things Up

Take this opportunity to rid your home of any clutter and excessive furniture. We’re all guilty of this now and then, especially if we don’t make a semi-regular effort to address the issue, when we allow stuff that we don’t need to outweigh the stuff that we do.

Once you have removed the clutter and excess from your home, you are then free to plan out your home layout in a much more open way. Try taking a minimalist approach, one that incorporates empty space into its design.

Get Comfy on the Floor

A great big leather couch can be very comfortable. In fact, sinking back into such a thing is one of the greatest feelings in the world after a long, hard day at work. Unfortunately, when you’re spread out against the couch, your skin has no room to breathe. When you go to get up, you’ll be peeling yourself off it!

A great summertime solution to this problem is to make yourself some comfortable seating on the floor. Whether this is in the form of some large cushions, some beanbags, or anything else you can think of, these are much easier to move than full sized chairs. This means that when they are not in use, you can put them out of the way and open up your space further.

It is well worth taking the time to get your home ready for this summer. As nice as it is when the sun is shining, and the weather is warm, it can quickly go from pleasant to uncomfortable. By preparing your home for the warm weather, you will be the envy of all your guests when they see for themselves the kind of atmosphere you’ve created.