In a Plumbing Emergency, Who Can You Count on?

For many homeowners, their local plumbers are basically heroes. When the toilet won’t flush, the drains are clogged, or the main sewer is all backed up, it’s not possible to wait, ignore it, and hope that it gets better. Given that most people just don’t have the skills to do anything more than turn a tap on and off, reliable, local, professional, and friendly plumbers are just the ticket in these scenarios. They can literally save the day!

Do You Have a Plumbing Disaster?

A leaking tap may be annoying but it’s a problem that most people have at some point. Plumbing and heating services in Southampton might fix a lot of leaky taps but they also provide a wide range of other plumbing services, including:

  • Hot Water Service: It is inevitable that every hot water system will break down eventually. These systems keep us toasty and warm in winter, allow us to have warm baths and showers, do our laundry, and wash the dishes in relative comfort. While we might be able to live without hot water for a few days as we rely on friends and family to get us through, eventually it will be necessary to call in a professional plumber to take a look.
  • Drains: The drains in our sinks can easily get clogged up by soap scum, hair, food waste, and other organic debris. Over time, this can cause the water to drain very slowly and eventually stop. One might try in vain to unclog it with industrial-strength cleaners but when the problem gets so bad that nothing will shift it, it’s time to call in the local plumber to assess the situation.
  • Toilets: The plumbing in our homes transports waste water away from our homes and brings in fresh water. The toilet may be a source of embarrassment for some but when the main sewer line becomes blocked up, it’s time to act fast! All of that organic waste can seriously clog up a drain and cause some serious problems for tenants, homeowners, and building owners. In fact, the main sewer line can even become damaged by tree roots and soil movement and leak or become clogged up with soil. The biggest issue here is that all of that wastewater can actually begin to back up into the home and spill over. This is a dangerous situation because the waste is considered a serious risk to human and animal health and needs to be dealt with immediately.

Not Just for Leaking Taps and Shower Heads

Though plumbers can certainly change a washer in a tap or replace a dripping shower head, they also provide plenty of other services. Make sure that you have the contact details of a reliable local plumber that also provides emergency call-out services.