Ordering Home Heating Oil – A Brief Guide

Many people turn on their heaters, furnaces, and boilers during the winter months. Now, most modern heaters and furnaces are powered by electricity or natural gas. However, in many parts of Northern Ireland, the natural gas network is still not developed. Even today, most households in Northern Ireland rely on home heating oil to provide warmth. Home heating oil has very low viscosity and burns for longer periods of time.

However, most people who have never ordered home heating oil before generally have difficulty in placing their orders. They don’t know where to order from, or how to cut down the costs. In order to make it easy for you to place an order, here is a brief guide.

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Buy From a Reputable Company

There are only a handful of companies in Northern Ireland that offer home heating oil. These companies benefit from economies of scale, which allow them to offer lower prices. Many of these companies have depots in different parts of the province. This allows them to deliver home heating oil much quicker. In many cases, you will get the oil delivered within the same day you place the order.

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Rather than looking to buy cheap quality oil from an unknown company, you should generally buy from a reputable company. The oil refining process plays an important role in the quality of home heating oil. If you are using poor quality heating oil, not only will it burn out much quicker, but it will also cause problems in your furnace or burner.

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Be Aware of the Type of Oil Your Home Needs

There are different types of home heating oils that you can choose from. Obviously, it helps to know which oil you want to order. For instance, the Super Saver Oil in NI is designed for people who want quality heating oil at a lower rate. You could choose either from kerosene or premium kerosene products. Kerosene is easily the most popular heating oil, and many modern heating systems now require kerosene to function properly. It has a white texture and is generally known by a number of different names. If you have an indoor or an outdoor boiler, buying kerosene is generally a safe bet.

However, premium kerosene oil is also available. If you are willing to spend more and want better-performing oil, you should consider buying premium kerosene. Premium kerosene not only burns better, but it prevents the build-up of carbon and sludge in your boiler. Most importantly, you won’t need to get your boiler serviced as regularly if you are using premium kerosene. Premium kerosene oil is also used for cooking purposes.

Oil Your Home Needs

Moreover, if you are looking to order oil in bulk quantities, you should consider getting a storage tank installed and joining a buyer group. Buyer groups generally order oil in bulk quantities and divide it later on. This allows them to benefit from bulk discounts, which significantly reduces their heating costs.