Would You Like to Enhance the Looks of Your Floor?

When most people think of concrete, they think of a lacklustre floor that is seen in garages and is greyish and dull in hue. However, that has all changed today with the emergence of polishing. A polished floor that is made of concrete is the ideal floor to feature whether it is in a warehouse, garage, commercial establishment, or a kitchen in a home.

For example, you may currently have a concrete floor in your garage but want to renovate the flooring. You can make it easier on yourself by contacting a business that specialises in polishing concrete. Not only will the floor take on a polymer glow but it will be as durable as it is beautiful.

A Reflective and Smooth Surface

This mechanical process is designed to chemically harden and polish concrete to a new sheen. No sealer is used to obtain the effects of Perth polished concrete. Instead, the concrete is mechanically polished to a surface that is reflective and smooth.

Concrete Processes

When a concrete floor is enhanced, it may go through one of several processes. Therefore, each type of concrete enhancement is recognised for its specific flooring benefits. For instance, concrete grinding is a step where the floor is flattened with an abrasive tool. This tool is applied with the goal of exposing various aggregates or simply flattening out the surface. When a floor is ground deeply, more aggregates are exposed.

Honing Concrete

Honing concrete is a process that is done after grinding and before polishing the floor. This step involves the use, again, of an abrasive tool to smooth out any scratches or marks. The process results in a floor with a reduced sheen or concrete with a non-slip surface. This step can be performed without the need for grinding if only a few stones need to be exposed.

Polishing the Concrete

After honing is undertaken, a concrete floor is usually polished. An abrasive tool is used on the floor so the floor will reflect light. The higher the polish or grit of the tool, the greater the reflection or sheen.

Grouting Concrete

If concrete is grouted, it is done to minimise surface porosity. Because concrete is naturally porous, water particles can become trapped, leaving small air pockets. When grouting is applied, the pockets are closed.

Hardening the Concrete

To solidify the concrete, it undergoes a process of hardening. This process is also referred to as densifying. This part of the process serves to tighten the pores in the concrete and give it more density and resiliency. Once a hardener is applied, the concrete’s functionality continues to improve for as long as two months.

Adding a Sealant

The concrete, after it is polished, can be further protected with a sealer. The sealer also enhances or deepens the surface colour.