Easy tricks to fix your vacuum cleaner

When it comes to home affairs, no one gives a second thought about their vacuum cleaners, not until they fail to function well.

Fixing a vacuum cleaner is no rocket science, and here are some tricks on how to fix it when it doesn’t give in.

Find out what is going wrong

No one should panic when the vacuum cleaner does not work, because it is a rather simple machine. Check the switch, strength of vacuuming, and whether it makes too much noise when it runs.

If it is only because the bag is full, then change the bag. It is always a good choice to find spares for the vacuum cleaner before it goes blink. Spares2you provides spares for filters, universal vacuum tools, and vacuum bags. It does not harm getting a spare one sometimes.

Check the socket

Sometimes it is not about the vacuum cleaner. The plug can go wrong, too. It seems obvious but verifying the cleaner is plugged in with an electrical power flow is essential. Use a circuit tester to sort it out, or else just plug in other items to ensure it works.

Look for an over-temperature feature

If the vacuum cleaner is more advanced, it is not surprising to see that the machine stops automatically when it overheats. To undo it, unplug the vacuum cleaner for an hour before using it again. After that, inspect the cleaner again to see if there are other issues.

Make use of spares

Apart from replacing the rubbish bag inside and cleaning the filters, airways, belts, and brush roll should also be checked. For the airways, simply clean the clogs by using a broom handle; for the brush roll, try to test if it spins freely.

Examine the electrical path

This is not as technical as it sounds. Continuity of the circuit should be checked to see if there is an open circuit. As long as there is any segment of the path that has no continuity, one must replace it. To put it simply, make sure the electricity travel in a full circuit, going all the way from the plug to just before the switch.

Get into the mechanical part

If the main cause is not about a short circuit, then replace the brushes, apply lubricants for the bearings, and look for the blower for broken fins. While one of the above issues could be the cause, another additional reason for a malfunction vacuum cleaner could be due to broken wheels.

In general, there are two kinds of broken wheels. If there is an E-clip attaching to the wheel, then remove the clip with pliers and replace the wheel and the clip respectively. The second type is wheel needs to have its tabs squeezed out. Just take it off and snap the new wheel in.

Again, fixing a vacuum cleaner does not need an expert. With the spares already in place at home, everyone can maintain his vacuum cleaner without costing a big fortune to buy a new one.