Fine Opportunities to Make the Best Windows Installed in the House

Choosing the windows of your house is a big step when you think of all the years we are going to keep them. The secret to making the right choice is to be well informed. Let us have a look at the same and at the same time take a look at the options that are there.

The First Criterion

The choice of the color of the sash windows Londons is a decision that should be taken from the beginning, because it will influence the type of window that will be installed. If our choice turns to dark colors, for example, the customer will be more interested in opting for a hybrid window. As for the shade, the online stores have about thirty standard colors. If you want to have a color as specific as lavender blue, for example, they can develop this color without problems.

A good seal?

In general, casement or awning windows are the most efficient in terms of water tightness. Their performance tests show that the new sash window is also very efficient. It gives the homeowners very good results.

Energy performance of windows?

It should be known that the performance of windows is equal depending on whether they are PVC or aluminum. What accentuates the insulating performance is the type of glass. You have to ask yourself: Is it doubles glass or triple glass? At the online stores, we offer the option of triple glass for all our ranges of windows for considerable energy savings.

Energy Quality of the Glasses

The energy quality of the glasses is also based on the presence of two elements. The first one is a LOW-E membrane that reflects the outside heat inside when it’s winter and, in summer, prevents UV rays from getting inside. Then there is Argon Gas. It is a gas injected between the layers of glass and is heavier than air, which enhances the insulating performance. There are double glazed windows (called “thermos”) and triple glazed windows (even more efficient obviously).

The Use of Gases

Argon or krypton gas is placed between glazing, provides better insulation. But the effect fades over time as the gas – nontoxic – eventually escapes. This is aided by the low emissivity film. It is a metal oxide film that lets in sunlight but prevents heat in the infrared form from escaping. The downside is that the brightness of the room is a little lessened.

The interlayer

Ask for it in plastic, not in aluminum. If it is made of aluminum, this piece that separates the glass walls “drives” the cold from outside to inside. Plastic (well, ok, it comes from oil …), the conductivity is lower and you will be better isolated. First of all, many people appreciate the simplicity of its openness. In addition to adapting perfectly to the character of old houses, they are easy to clean and are ideal for narrow, high openings. They are also very convenient for installing an air conditioner.

For Double Sash Windows

Double sash windows London, on the other hand, offer an additional advantage: excellent ventilation of the house. Indeed, by opening the two shutters, hot air can escape from the top while fresh air can enter from below. The only disadvantage of sash windows is that they are a little less waterproof than casement and awning windows.