Four Simple Modes to Clean Granite Countertops

Stains have been among the several other problems that people face in their homes. This has been especially when they look forward to enhance the appearance of their home. Therefore, it would be a problem when they have stained countertops. They could take advantage from granite cleaner for kitchen countertops that they could use for cleaning on their own.

Young woman doing housework, cleaning the kitchen

There would be a number of ways for cleaning granite countertops. Many a times, cleaning methods are specific on the type of stain on the counter. It would also depend on how long the stain has set on the countertop. Find below few tips on how to clean your countertops at home so you could continue to keep your house looking good as usual.

Clean the stain immediately

The rule of thumb for cleaning granite countertops would be to take care of stain immediately before it actually sets in. This would mean that you have to wipe the stain immediately before the stain dries out. Therefore, it would be easier to clean it later.

Clean the stain immediately

Cleaning food ingredients stain

The most common kind of stain on countertop has been the stains caused due to food ingredients such as that of fruits or vegetables. While cleaning these stains, you would be advised to mix some percentage of hydrogen peroxide and some drops of ammonia. The solution has to be placed on top of the stain and removed later.

Grease issues

For grease issues, cleaning granite countertops has been very simple by use of dishwashing liquid or paste along with water. Prior to blotting the stain, ensure to scrape excess grease initially and then use it to spot clean.

Grease issues

Cleaning colours from countertops

In case, you have children who have managed their way to make countertop their canvas using markers, you could save your countertop by using various items depending on the colour of the granite. In case, you have light granite, you could use hydrogen peroxide whereas thinner or acetone for darker countertops. Place it on top of the stain and let it set for 30 minutes before wiping and rinsing it. This procedure could be helpful in cleaning your countertop stained with wine.

Therefore, regardless the countertop stain you have, you would be assured to know a way of cleaning granite countertops in order to keep your home looking at its best. However, it should be remembered that the basics of cleaning these countertops has been to remove any stain that you could still remove so that you could clean them with ease.