Four Smart Tips to Renovate your Kitchen

Everyone values the kitchen space. This is one of the most highly regarded parts of the house if somebody looks at a home to purchase. Whether the kitchen is your home’s heart or you are selling you property, a tired old kitchen is definitely a deal breaker. Here are some excellent kitchen renovation tips.

Do the Quickies

When you are not looking to overhaul your kitchen, below are some ideas to quickly renovate your kitchen to improve the space and value.

  • Upgrade your appliances-A new dishwasher, cooktop, fridge or toaster will not just look fabulous but will be nice to use. When you are buying these for a rental property, you have the option to claim depreciation on permanent fixtures.
  • Replace joinery and lighting- Replace the drawer fronts and cupboard doors to give it a visual lift. Updating the lighting will give your kitchen a modern look. Joinery in decent condition is likely to benefit from a new paint job; however, replace damaged or worn joinery instead of painting or recovering it.
  • Replace benchtop-If the joinery of your kitchen is in good condition, focus on replacing the benchtops. These are quite visible and mostly used as well as provide the chance to create a design kitchen.

Optimize the Layout of your Kitchen

Ensure there is good flow. Thus, when you are chopping vegetables up make sure the bin is close by and you must be close to the sink to easily wash them. As you open up your dishwasher, make sure do you not have to close off half of your kitchen and step over it.

The floor plan and aesthetic of your kitchen is dictated by its location and your home’s size. When you have a three-bedroom apartment with a generous size, there is no need for you to view the kitchen from your living space when it is large enough to have your kitchen as a separate area.

Think About an Island Bench

While designing a industrial kitchen usually centres on the cooking requirements of the head chef and the kind of food being prepared, an island bench must be included in the design. An island is a good thing to gravitate to and it can look more like a stunning object than a kitchen.

Pick the Right Appliances

As you select appliances, decide on functionality and quality. If you are getting kitchen appliances at once, consider purchasing them in the same brand. This ensures the set will match including the consistency of details like railings, dials and overall geometry. And you care likely to get a discount for this purchase.

Take Into Account your Flooring Options

In terms of kitchen flooring, the key is consistency. Your floor choice is determined by the larger concept instead of the fact that it is in the kitchen. Would you not want to see the kitchen floor flowing throughout the space to achieve a connection; instead of having it as a separate surface in one zone? Your home refurbishment contractors can surely give you more ideas when it comes to your flooring.

Author Bio: Stewart Naish is Project Director at TC&D Construction. As a highly experienced and skilled property refurbishment professional, he shares his wealth of knowledge and insights into the world of interior design and fit out for both residential and commercial property renovations on Twitter @TCDConstruction. An avid fan of Arsenal FC and all things creative, he is happy to offer advice and feedback to anyone looking to share his passion for interior design and architectural beautification.