Guide Of Essential Kitchen Equipments!

Setting up a restaurant busy is easier said than done. But if you have the passion to serve quality food and hospitality to the audience – you will have a great time.

When designing a kitchen for your restaurant, it shall require a lot of restaurant equipment and supplies. The requirement of cooking equipments change as per the cuisine and style of cooking adapted by the restaurants! From simple recipes to molecular gastronomy – here are some cooking equipments to keep!


It’s an equipment that combines a stove with an oven so that different processes of cooking can be carried out simultaneously by a chef. No commercial kitchen would be complete without a range. A range helps carry out a variety of cooking ways like boiling, frying, baking, roasting, searing etc. A high volume kitchen at least requires a range of 12 burners while a small one may do with 6.

Commercial ovens

Ovens are required in kitchens for several purposes. From specialized pizza ovens, rotisserie ovens etc to the baking and roasting ones there is a need for all as per the menu. There are also other variants like steamers, mild roasters, top roasts etc.

Flat top grills and griddles

To cook large quantity of food together, the flat top grills are like flat surfaces with burners beneath them. They can help make pancakes, burgers, chapattis etc on the flat surface all together at the same time. Griddles and grills allow cooking the food barbeque style like that of grilling veggies, salmon and steak.

Deep fryers

You must have seen one in a French fry counter! Deep frying of hot chips, fish, French fries, nuggets etc all happen in this electronic stand-alone piece of equipment. You can choose from a variety of designs for your kitchen.


These are essential equipments that allow cooking of food with the help of steam. Of course it is a healthier version of cooking. And therefore restaurants use it for stew, rice, steaming food, boiling vegetables, gentle cooking and at times to prepare a healthy meal. They are also used to keep ready food warm!

Sous Vide

This is extremely popular because of its steam processed cooking in vacuum bags. Gourmet restaurants today use this equipment to cook food that has delicate flavours. With growing popularity of rice dishes and healthy variants Sous Vide is an essential in kitchens worldwide.

It is best to purchase the restaurant equipment and supplies from your trusted kitchen partner. After all you don’t want to take chances here!