How to Bring the Exciting and Intimidating Indian Cuisine to Your Kitchen?

Indian cuisine is dynamic, where different varieties of spices are used. With unfamiliar dishes, tongue tingling flavors, and exotic ingredients you will find Indian food exciting and intimidating. The complete palette of flavors including sour, sweet, spicy, and hot are used, simultaneously.

Never be worried and start to play with cooking Indian food. In India there are an array of regional cuisines, which differ from one another. The only thing, which connects every regional food is the usage of spices. In many dishes, there are more than twenty spices. Cumin seeds, turmeric, asafetida, coriander, ginger, etc. can be used in multiple ways.

Each spice has a role in providing health benefits as well as make food taste delicious. You can get free delivery Indian food from restaurants in Denver, so why hesitate… call and order healthy Indian food!

All Indian dishes are not curries

‘Curry’ is a common term for spice-based vegetable or meat dish with sauce. The chef makes curries in different styles including dry, watery, hot, green, red or too spicy. When you begin tasting Indian food, it is best to order basic chicken curry served with dal [stew cooked from beans or peas or lentils] and roti [flatbread].

For vegetarians

Indian cuisine is vegetarian-friendly. Careful use of sauces and spices breathes new life in vegetables like peas, cauliflower, eggplant, and potatoes. Pala paneer served with naan is a healthy and tasty combination.

Bring Indian taste in your kitchen

It is easy. Incorporate Indian flavors in the dishes you already prepare. For example, steamed vegetables, roasted fish or chicken. Choose a couple of spices and start. Add simple spices like chili pepper, cumin, and ginger to your preferred vegetables. There is no need to begin with most expensive ingredients. Never be worried about embracing Indian cuisine.

Keep it simple, when you start cooking Indian food at home. Search for basic okra, potato, and meat dishes. This will help to build a personal Indian cuisine repertoire. Never buy 30 spices at one time. Just start with those necessary for a specific dish. This will avoid getting overwhelmed and confused.

Cooking dishes is just part of creating perfect Indian cooking experience. Each diner will have to make each bite count adding pickles or chutney on different bites. With plethora of condiments [pickles, raita, and chutney], spices, and experimental attitude, you can get adventurous and creative cooking Indian dishes at home. Experiment with basic flavours and dishes. It is an easy way to stir your regular meal plan.