How to Choose the Right Carpet Washer

As easy as it may sound, choosing a carpet washer that together with matching your needs also is value for money can be quite a daunting task. If you are buying a cleaner for the first time, it can be all the more difficult, particularly keeping in mind the many brands, and many models available. So how to choose the right carpet washer? If this is the question now running in your mind, the tips given below will certainly prove to be a perfect guide.

1. Give importance to capability and features

It is very important to be aware of the features of a carpet cleaning machine before you buy it. Standard cleaners usually just clean, may leave the dirt behind, and thus requires vacuuming first. Considering this fact, it will be better to opt for a multi-functional carpet cleaner. Compare the technologies it offers, like counter rotating versus multi-rotating brushes, and get the one that will best handle the dirt and kind of carpet surface you will be using it on.

Does the cleaner have the right height? Is it capable of doing deep cleaning? Such are some questions that you must consider. Also, do not forget to give importance to structural intelligence. Some models can easily tumble while some are known to leak.

2. Get the right size

If you live in a small apartment then a portable carpet cleaner will be perfect for you. Using a handheld model, you will easily be able to clean around tight spaces, and get rid of debris and dirt from your carpet, and scrub spots with the help of the included brush. However, if you have big rooms with thick carpets then an upright carpet cleaner will be ideal. Such heavy-duty washers have wide tracks for easy cleaning, large tanks for holding lots of cleaning solution, several brushes, and lots of power.

3. Consider pricing and warranty

A carpet washer undoubtedly is a long-term asset considering the fact that a good one usually is not available cheap. Even though some low-priced products may be available, but they will not offer you satisfactory services. Instead of being lured by the cheapest, it will be wise to make a list of some cleaners that offers all the features you need, and from amongst them, you may opt for the lowest priced one. Also, do not forget to look for warranty. Together with giving you peace of mind, it also reflects how confident the manufacturer is about their product.