How to identify a great beef jerky?

Quite often you would see in grocery stores and convenience stores packages that contain jerky. You see them sitting pretty on the shelves. More often than not, it is the same one or two brands that you would see in this regard.

The problem of plenty

The situation with the United States of America (USA) is that you have thousands of brands that are selling the same product. Now how do you identify which one is the best among these? There are some of these that are on the costlier side and then there are some that are not offering a lot by way of quantity.

Getting your money’s worth

How do you if you are getting a proper return on the investment that you are making in this regard? You may be buying quite an expensive set but how do you know if it deserves that much payment or not? How do you differentiate between cheap jerky and the good one? These are some questions that you need to be mindful of when you are trying to buy jerky.

The taste

This is an important way of identifying whether what you are buying is good enough or not. In most cases, the top brands of jerky have a lot of sugar, preservatives, and tenderizers.

This means that all the natural taste of the meat goes for a toss. If you can, do bite into a sample of the product that you are buying and see if it tastes like real meat or not. Are you getting the taste of actual beef from that meat? The taste should be just what you get in a big piece of roasted tri-tip or grilled steak.

Chew it

Can you chew your meat like real meat? This is the second thing that you need to look into in this regard.

There are a few brands of jerky that contain so much of sugar that it tastes like gummy. It is like as if you are eating a piece of fruit chew. Quite often you can also overcook them and this makes them crumbly. Quite often it has so much tenderizer that it becomes soft. When you are eating jerky it should feel like as if you are eating real meat. It should be like a steak that has been chewed down and has become a soft mass.

More than anything else, it should not have any stringy stuff.