Interesting Facts About Architects

Designing Beautiful Spaces

Architects make places where people can spend their happy and sad moments.  Be it a private or a public place architects work with varieties of space planning, hierarchies of volume, massing, facade elevations and so on. Integrating context and landscape further enhance their design of the architectural space. Building roof structures and envelope systems can add to beauty and value of the exterior of a building, while lighting and furniture can do the same for the interior. The creative sensibility of an architect adds beauty and value to the spaces we live in every day. An architect needs to have a clear picture about the differentiating one design from another.


While studying and practising architecture, a wide variety of professional skills are enhanced. You are working with material sciences, mathematics, engineering, philosophy, history, literature, and art. If you change your mind about practising architecture, the profession has still trained you to prosper in other creative fields. These include furniture design, product design, drafting, graphic design, illustration, model making, etc. One does not need to return to school to obtain an additional creative design degree.


It is said that architects get a chance to leave something on this planet. Some of the buildings they design outlive them, giving them the opportunity to leave something on the planet which the result of their creative efforts and work. Which will be forwarded to generations after the architect. Architects get a chance to be a part of the evolution of designs, ideas and solutions to different construction systems and programmatic typologies.


The technology dealing with construction and design are constantly improving. It is believed that the architect never stops learning. The software which is used by them to draft and design architectural ideas are improving every year. The technologies involved in both design and construction are constantly improving. New methods of working with consultants in a very efficient and collaborative way have opened up with developing modelling of information. An architect needs to stay updated with their knowledge and construction method and also the tools used for fabrication are evolving. Architecture is a field where you can never get bored and get to learn a lot.


Now that you are an architect you are responsive and responsible for the environment. Architects are also being trained to design green that is they are encouraged to perform in a sustainable manner. They are responsible to construct in an environmentally friendly manner. They not just accountable for interior and exterior design of a building but also for the well being of the environment as a whole.

Diversity within the profession

Architecture is one such broad field where you can explore your creativity across the various field of design under this umbrella which is interior design, exhibition curation, urban design, landscape, graphic design, etc. An architect is never bound to work only with building systems.

Travel & Languages

The one who learns and practices architecture gives him the opportunity to use and also learn multiple languages at the workplace. Architects get various opportunities to travel to different cities and countries around the globe for their work They are never restricted to work locally. They have enough flexibility to practice varied designs wherever the design takes them.

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Architecture should speak of its time and place but yearn for timelessness.