Kickstart Your Kitchen into 2014!

If you feel like your kitchen has seen better days, why not do something about it before things get out of hand? Okay, we are not suggesting that you rip out the cabinets and spend thousands on a major facelift, but surely a little Kickstarter magic couldn’t do any harm? We spend hours in our kitchens and they can be an incredibly warm place to hang out with our nearest and dearest. So with this in mind we have found 3 sweet projects that your kitchen is going to love!

Cookmate by Martin J Tones

Chilling in the kitchen is far easier when you have a little technology on offer, and we don’t mean a black and white television set! Cookmate is a very neat device that allows you to mount your iPad or Kindle for easy viewing pleasure. As well as offering your kitchen some instant technology and entertainment, these also come in a variety of finishes that should match your existing cabinet finish. Okay, this kind of bracket is nothing new but isn’t it cool to have a device that actually looks part and parcel of your existing kitchen furniture?


Make Cheese Inc – By Ella

If you love cheese, you will adore this project, and that’s a promise! We all know about how bread makers never really end up being used in the kitchen, but these are way cooler and a lot tastier! The cheese factor is well and truly en vogue and more of those continental brands are making their way across the ocean. You can make your own feta, brie, mozzarella, cheddar to name just a few of the favourites. Depending on the kit that you choose, you will have a nice cheese press and a variety of ingredients and pretty much all that you need to make the cheese of your choice. So if you love your cheese and really want to make your own personal batch, please check out the link and see if you can get your very own cheese making kit.

Make Cheese Inc

Bubble: Colourful covers for water by Antoine Peigner

When you first bought that lovely water cooler, didn’t it look so neat? But over the months or years, it has kind of looked pretty awful. There is little doubt that these appliances are more about function than form, but why can’t we tweak those details for something far more attractive? Bubble is all about changing those dull water coolers and transforming them into the real deal. These products will fit perfectly over the standard water cooler and there are a myriad of lovely designs to choose from. These will also brighten up your office and the developers are already approaching businesses all over the country with their bespoke water cooler covers. They have happily met their targets and these will soon be available for you to try for yourselves.


Classy Kitchen?

Try any of these 3 Kickstarter classics and we know that your kitchen will look far cooler as a result. Please check out the main site and you’ll uncover even more gems!

Author Bio: Nancy Baker is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Nancy has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.