Online Shopping – From the Manufacturer to the Consumer

If we examine the traditional retail industry, we can see there are several components in the supply chain that results in the consumer buying the product in a retail store. First, there is the manufacturer, who claims the lion’s share of the retail ticket, as one would expect, and then comes the wholesaler, who typically takes anywhere from 15-20%, and from there, the item is shipped to the retailer, and with costly leasing and sales commissions to pay, the retailer must take around 30% in order to survive.  So, the pie is divided into 3 unequal portions, and while consumers have no problem with the maker receiving most of their money, they do resent paying through the nose for the mere handling of the product.

The Digital Highway

The Internet will go down in history, as the catalyst for a revolution, and this is already well on its way, with more than 2.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, many of which like to buy online, and as far as quality furniture is concerned, if you live in Australia, and you would like to pay sensible prices for top quality furniture, check out, where you can browse to your heart’s content, and when you see the amazingly low prices, you won’t want to return to the traditional bricks and mortar furniture showroom ever again.

From Manufacturer to Consumer

With an online furniture supplier, it is likely that the ordered item(s) would be despatched from the factory itself, and while they would stock popular items, you can expect a delivery within 7 days of placing the order, regardless of where you are in the country. By facilitating the sale, the online supplier has effectively removed the retailer from the loop, and this is where the big savings originate. The consumer is still enjoying the same manufacturer’s warranty, so nothing is lost regarding consumer protection, and with many testimonials from happy customers, you can be sure of the very best of service.

Unbeatable Prices

With online shopping, the product is still the same, and the buyer is protected in the same way as in a retail store, yet with no middleman involved, there are big savings to be had, and at absolutely no cost to the consumer in terms of rights or protection. In some cases, you can expect to enjoy a 50% reduction in price, something that never fails to impress, and with free delivery on most items, you are holding all the aces.

Online Reviews

Many people, when first thinking of shopping online, will be afraid that the supplier will “take the money and run”, but with independent review systems in place, this type of outfit wouldn’t last a week, and if the supplier has been in business for a few years and can produce a number of testimonials, then you have your assurance that you are making a wise decision to cut out the retailer.

If you would like to browse the many styles and types of furniture items available online, a simple search will direct you to the website of an established provider, and when you see just how low the prices are, you will have no hesitation in placing an order.