Safety Rules for Swimming Pools

Because you and your children have a myriad of choices of places to swim in Surrey during the summer, it’s imperative that the youngsters know how to swim and the proper conduct to have when they are near or in a swimming pool. Not only will their behaviour save their own lives, but also it can help to save the lives of those swimming around them. Before you start your journey to the Tandridge Leisure Centre, The Kingfisher Leisure Centre, or one of the Richmond Pools, you should make sure that you teach them in the privacy of your own home swimming pool the proper way to act when they are in or close to the water. Let’s review some safety rules that you can teach in your home pool that they can carry with them to one of the many public swimming locations in Surrey.

Safety Rules for Swimming Pools

  • Instruct children that they are not to be in the pool unless there is an adult watching them; you or someone who is acting on your behalf should be observing your child at all times, especially when they are mixed in with a crowd of youngsters at the Tandridge or Kingfisher Leisure Centres. Stress to them that they are to never enter your own pool without an adult present.
  • Your children should be taught to never enter a closed gate to get to the pool unless they see a lifeguard or responsible adult in the area of the pool. Gates are locked for security and safety reasons and must not be opened without proper authority by you or any other adult.
  • They should always obey the rules that are posted in any of the Richmond Pools or other public swimming areas that they visit. You will have your own personal rules for your pool which will be very similar to those that the children see in Surrey.

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  • There should be no running or horseplay around the swimming pool. Both Tandridge and Kingfisher Centres will have time-outs for children who misbehave around the pool areas; your children can enjoy their leisure time much more if they listen to the instructions that they are given.
  • Your children should never enter a depth of water with which they have no experience. If they’re just learning to swim they should remain in the shallow end where their feet can touch the bottom if they get into trouble.

Having your own swimming pool can be an excellent place to begin training your children about the rules that they must follow to be safe and secure whilst they are having fun in public swimming pools in Surrey.