Why is the Importance of Waterproofing Your Basement?

When we go for purchasing a house, and after we like the house, we forget to ask one thing, is the basement waterproofed? Most people, later on, find that their basement is waterproofed. This is because waterproofing is not on the top of the list of homebuyer’s amenities list.

At the time a building is built, waterproofing the basement is not included. If your waterproofing was even done, it wasn’t done by an expert, or it was done way back in the past. These days waterproofing, the process and the materials used are way superior to they used to be in the past and are definitely your basement will do better compared to the past waterproofing.

When you find any leaks or damp area in your basement, you will know that your basement isn’t waterproofed. Many things can be done interiorly or exteriorly by expert professionals to waterproof your basement.

How Much Does Basement Waterproofing Cost?

How Much Does Basement Waterproofing Cost depends mostly on the place you are living. Typically, it can cost between $100-$400 per linear foot. The average cost of exterior basement waterproofing costs between $8700-$14500 nationwide.

Following are the reasons why waterproofing your basement is important for a healthy family and the safety of the house:

  • Prevention of Growth of Mold

Water acts as a catalyst for the growth of mold. Molds don’t only make your house look bad and deteriorate your house, it also is very harmful to the health of your family members, particularly if anyone in the family is suffering from allergies or asthma. When you waterproof your basement, it won’t have water as well as moistures, and so mold can’t grow.

  • Damage Your Belongings

In most of the houses, basements are used as a storage place. If the basement is not waterproofed, it can damage or destroy your belongings. Storing something means that item means a lot to you or it’s valuable, and no one likes their irreplaceable items gets destroyed.

  • Your House May Get Damaged

Due to changes in the levels of moisture in your basement, your foundation of the home may get shifted. If this happens, you are going to start getting cracks in the building and then it may gradually cause serious damage in your building.

To make your home safe and healthy, you should waterproof your home. Home is where you find peace, and it should stay safe for everyone.