Why You Should Be Renting Your Fridge

Refrigeration for any food service industry business is imperative for the smooth operation of the business, as well as complying with customers’ wants and needs. Whether it’s a small bar or restaurant that requires a wine chiller, or a full-scale, high-end restaurant that requires a full refrigeration and freezer system, there are many benefits to renting equipment rather than purchasing it. It not only saves the business time and money, but it also saves them the hassle of having to replace old equipment.

Renting Your Fridge

Standard Benefits

There are numerous standard benefits that come with fridge rentals. For example, the cost of renting the refrigeration units for your business is 100% tax-deductible. Not only that, but what would cost you a lot of money up front will only cost you a small, monthly fee. The expensive equipment costs are broken down into an easily managed monthly payment, letting you conserve your cash flow and invest that capital back into your business.

Standard Benefits

In addition, the expensive equipment you purchased for your business is quickly going to become obsolete. However, when you rent your equipment, you can easily trade in your old equipment for newer equipment without the old units piling up. If the unit is still working for you, you can easily keep it, too.

Equipment costs are all bundled into one to make it more convenient for you. This allows you to find the equipment solution that works best for your company and pay one monthly rate. It makes operating your business so much easier! If something were to break down, all equipment is backed by the warranty that is offered by the manufacturer.

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What to Look For

When searching for equipment to rent for your business, be sure you look for a company that provides you with a little more for your investment.

What to Look For

Search for a company that offers you a streamlined process of rental equipment. The company should handle the equipment so that you’re able to focus on running your business and making capital. This means it has extensive knowledge about the products they are providing you with, and its sales team is well informed about how the products work, as well as having undergone training on how to use the products.

Ask the company about its breakdown coverage. Refrigeration and catering equipment can undergo some extreme stress for a long period of time. Rather than relying on warranty alone, you want a company that has breakdown coverage for its rental equipment. Therefore, when a piece of equipment breaks down, it is able to send out someone to repair the broken-down equipment or replace it with very little down time.

What to Look Fors

There are numerous benefits to renting equipment rather than purchasing it. Renting allows you to focus on your business, and replace equipment when it breaks down or when it’s become obsolete and is tax-deductible. An excellent company will provide you with the peace of mind you need to focus on your business.