Your Easy Guide For Buying The Perfect Microwave Cart!

Kitchen counters are getting smaller by the day, and it only makes sense to remove the big appliances off the countertop. A microwave cart, as the name implies, is a standalone shelf for the microwave, and typically, it comes with additional storage, which makes it a handy and practical addition to the kitchen or dining area. There are over 10 features available with microwave carts, and in this post, we take a look at what it takes to buy one for your home.

Do I really need a microwave cart?

Well, consider the microwave cart has a mobile piece of furniture that can be placed anywhere in the dining or kitchen area. Most of the better products come with shelves and drawers, so you can keep away a lot of the kitchen clutter. Since the microwave moves to the cart, you have more kitchen space for culinary adventures. Many microwave carts now also have small spice racks, and you can even choose to stock your microwavable bowls and products away from the eyes.

What to look for?

Being a versatile piece of furniture, microwave cart comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and it really depends on what you are looking for. Here are the basics to consider –

  1. Shelves and drawers. If you want to have more space, considering shelves and drawers is a good idea. It is possible to go for a design that a mix of both. Drawers have an advantage because you don’t always have to sort things, while shelves are better when you want to put things on display.
  2. A top surface. If your microwave cart has a hood, it can be an advantage for display. You can use the top surface of the cart to place a few condiments or even some of the unique kitchen items that you have.
  3. A cubby design cart. This kind of microwave cart usually offers an enclosure for the microwave, which is a good way to conceal the appliance. However, consider the measurements and size of the microwave before you select this kind of cart.

  1. The color of the microwave cart is obvious consideration. If you don’t want to go for something offbeat, black and white are basic choices. These neutral colors fit in most of the existing themes, and you don’t have to bother about aesthetics beyond a point.
  2. Material. Traditionally, microwave carts were made of wood, but these days, you can find designs that also include metal frames. It is all about durability and the final look, so take this as a matter of choice, but wooden ones are bound to last long.
  3. Height. You don’t want a microwave cart that’s too high, because the appliance needs to be within the reach. However, it is possible to have a few extra shelves or drawers over the top surface.
  4. Wheels. An important consideration is the wheels. You may want to get a cart that has wheels, so that the item can be moved around. However, for heavy microwave carts, the wheels need to be strong enough.

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